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Lead Generation
Content Strategy & Connections are King

Leverage Thought Leadership Content
This is what can separate your business from competitors. Use your knowledge resources within the business to create and distribute high value content using tools like articles, blog posts, webinars, forum posts, videos, social and business network discussions, tweets on Twitter and general website resource content through white papers and on-site information.

This positions your business as an industry leader and builds instant credibility with potential new customers that have a problem your business can solve. Trust is the key and the best way, other than word-of-mouth referrals, to share superior content online. Of course, these content formats should be optimized and promoted through the proper distribution channels for the maximum impact.

Resource Content That Impacts on a Personal Level
Helpful and credible resource content that assist potential customers (the lead you are seeking) and position your business as an industry leader showing you understand the needs of customers in areas that really matter in their business or personal life. The conversion impact this can have includes content sharing, bookmarking, information downloads, email/form requests and an extended time spent on-site.

Why? This begins a relationship with a potential new customer. Relationships take time but offering valuable resource content, support tools, communities and interactive options that are educational can build positive connections that most advertising can't deliver. This tactic will make your business memorable and hopefully open the door long enough to establish trust so the relationship can move to the next level of engagement.

Content That Goes the Extra Mile
If your competitor offers a white paper that outline a recent industry research report, conduct a survey among customers about the findings and ask how the key results impacted their specific business. Then you can publish multiple white papers that not only give your insights on the industry report but provide specific feedback of these impacts by business type.

Why? This demonstrates your business is willing to provide specific key insights that will connect on a more personal level reflecting a company culture that values customers needs, not just the bottom line of making a sale.

Creative Website Marketing provides results oriented lead generation strategies and campaigns for Internet driven sites, businesses and organizations. As competition heats up in the current economic environment, these are some key lead gen areas to consider when formulating your online strategy.

We will add to this list as search matures. If your business is need of a lead generation strategy, contact us today, for immediate assistance. We are looking to build future success stories!

We have grown client visits to a 1,000,000 per month, achieved thousands of top 10 organic Google rankings and increased traffic and conversions up to 22,000%. Your project success will depend on a quality team with proven experience of delivering results . . .  that's the value we bring to stimulate your business.

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